15 Ways to Make Your Application Feel More Responsive under Google App Engine

Small Imrovements, makers of a hosted, lightweight feedback platform, have written an excellent article on Performance issues on GAE, and how we resolved them. They show how they trimmed most of their requests to between 300ms and 800ms, some still take 2 seconds when memcache is stale, and others clock in at 150ms. Not zippy overall, but acceptable, especially if you really like GAE’s Xanax Online PaaS promise.

What’s tricky with PaaS is if your performance is poor, there’s often not a lot you can do about it. But the folks at Small Improvements have been clever and diligent, giving many specific details and timings. Though their advice is specifically for GAE, it will apply to a lot of different situations as well.

Here are the 15 ways they made small performance improvements: