The Core Performance Testing Lifecycle

The Core Performance Testing Lifecycle Good performance testing isn’t just about generating load onto the system; it’s about generating the correct load into a system and achieving accurate results.  I view performance testing as a sub-project in its own right.  A performance consultant should spend time elaborating and fleshing out the requirements; they should also […]

Performance testing definitions

Performance testing is an umbrella term used for highly transactional types of tests. It is a general definition used to encapsulate Stress, Volume, Load, Soak, Spike and Failover testing to name a few.  What follows is an attempt to define, in order of priority, the generalised importance of the different types of performance tests: Test Type: Benchmark […]

Performance Testing – Overall Objective

This blog is aimed at those that wish to understand performance testing, the aim is to impart practical information, guidelines and best practices in a no-nonsense way.   After 15 years professional experience within the industry it still amazes me how many companies struggle to successfully implement a successful performance testing strategy…. Its all fairly straightforward, […]

FAQs: The 12 most-asked questions about how Google factors page speed into its search rankings

It’s a well-known fact that site speed is a critical ranking factor for organic search. One of the most-asked questions I receive is: How exactly does Google do this? Over the last year and a bit, I’ve done quite a bit of digging to get the answers. I thought it would be useful to start an FAQ-style repository for the answers.