This site is aimed at those that wish to understand Performance Testing.  The objective of this blog is simple – To share experiences and in doing so impart useful information to somebody somewhere. Its early days in the life of this site, so be a little forgiving about the rawness of the site and inexperience of the writers.

If you have a question then please post.  If you are a professional in the performance testing arena and wish to contribute articles which are useful to others then contact me (jasonbuksh at googlemail.com) – credit will be given.

About Jason (BSc, ISEB, ISEB Practitioner)  / London

Jason has had over 20 years experience in the IT industry.  His formative years were spent cutting his teeth on the Vic20, then 6502 on the BBC MicroComputer. He has always had a passion for technology and has successfully conducted performance testing for a diverse client base – ranging from derivative trading systems, investment banking, on-line gambling and travel companies. What is striking is that each of his clients have all had different performance issues which can be solved by a common approach.  Jason aims to share his experiences, thoughts and approaches.  Particularly useful if you are about to embark into the world of Performance Testing. Notable clients have included CMC Markets, Expedia and HSBC investment.  Jason is a senior consultant working at Intechnica, a company that specialises in digital performance solutions.

 Find out more about Jasons thoughts here.

About Richard Pal / Hungary

Richard is a performance consultant; he has successfully provided his services for a large outsourcing company and works frequently with HP Performance Center. Richard is Hungarian and currently based in Budapest.

Aigars E / Latvia

Aigar E is a Facilita expert and mathematician.  He is based in Latvia he has studied computer science and mathematics and a regular participant in the Regional Olympiads Informatics (Baltic Computer Olympics).

What to contrubute articles …? Get in touch, we are looking for people that wish to share there knowledge and make the performance testing field a more educated place.  Find our more here

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  1. Hi,

    I wrote a book on doing performance work (load testing, capacity planning, etc.) to give back what I was given during my 25+ year career in performance work. It covers all the things that are (and will always be) true about performance regardless of the year or the technology.

    It’s called “The Every Computer Performance Book” It’s available on Amazon and iTunes (links below) for about nine bucks. It has gotten excellent reviews. There is a blog to go along with the book at: rwwescott.wordpress.com I was hoping you would include it in your Links section below and possibly mention the book on your site.


    If your looking for my qualifications you can find therm here: http://www.linkedin.com/in/bobwescott/


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