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I began this site to share information with others – it seemed wasteful to build up and acquire knowledge and then lose it as I moved to other client sites.  I had a small gap between contracts and finally started what I had been meaning to do for a long time. I welcome articles being submitted to the site, credit and links will be given.  However, there are a few guidelines I would like adhering to :

  1. Articles must be about software performance – Load Testing, TCP/IP, scalability, DB’s, CDN’s, software architecture, Capacity, clever algorithms  – Anything, .
  2. Articles should be useful to others – the primarily aim of this site is to impart useful information to others
  3. Submit articles that are your own work
  4. If you are not used to writing then its best to write about something you are currently doing, its also the world of blogging – so writing should be short, informal and succinct (300-500 words is ideal).
  5. Do not submit articles that are direct plugs for companies or products. Indirect OK.
  6. Opinons are welcome and can conflict with other writers opinions – it keeps the site honest.
  7. Articles should be easy to follow – not a piece of art that reads well and contains little content.

 Contributions are especially welcome if:.

  1. You are a test tool expert and wish to submit articles on your field – tutorials are good
  2. You have built some great routines/code around a tool and wish to share e.g. Shell scripts for capturing CPU stats or any concrete code examples are good e.g. Transaction coding in Loadrunner
  3. You have a question you wish to be answered.
  4. You have a tip or trick you wish to write about
  5. You have seen something interesting in the news you wish to comment about

Benefits Of  Submitting Performance Articles

  1. Become famous! Well, not that famous – but become more known within the circle you populate.
  2. Regular contributors are approached about freelance work, particularly if they specialise in an area.
  3. Nothing bad happens – only good.
  4. That problem you cleverly solved – but no-one in your immediate circle appreciated, put it out there – immortalise it, share and get some adulation
If you wish to write about a tool that isn’t yet included on the site e.g. Grinder,Jmeter, Cloud based tool – then please submit.  As the site grows I will work out a way of creating dedicated sections.

3 thoughts on “Article Submission

  1. Hi Jason,

    If someone has to submit/write something, how he/she should do it?
    I could not see the login option nor the submitting option. Could you please guid me on this.


    1. Email me: jasonbuksh @ In the first instance send me outline and sample of the article you wish to write!

  2. Hi,

    can you explain the difference between pacing time and think time.

    can i insert think time after the last transaction in 1st iteration in my script instead of giving pacing time.

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