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I have over 15 years experience in the IT industry, a developer that fell into the world of Performance testing. I’ve successfully conducted performance testing for a diverse client base – ranging from CFD Trading, investment banking, on-line gambling companies and travel companies. What strikes me about each of my clients is that they have all had different performance issues which can be solved by a common approach.  The objective of this blog is simple – To share my experiences and in doing so impart useful information to somebody somewhere.  I suppose I could write a book – but who would really want to read a full book on performance testing?  Clients have included HSBC investment, CMC markets and Expedia. Its early days in the life of this blog – lets see how this goes.  If anyone has any questions then please post – i’ll reply if I know the answer and create some sort of topic around it if its general enough.   If you are a professional in the performance testing arena  and wish to contribute articles which you think will be useful to others then contact me – credit will be given.


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  1. Hi – i thought I shall just notify you about one thing – if you have created an emulator using an Android studio you can just drag and drop the .apk file into your emulator .this will get installed automatically

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