Revisiting Performance Testing Basics

In this article, I have attempted to clarify some basic and most important terminologies and concepts pertaining to performance and the load testing arena. The Performance of web sites is increasingly becoming important. Companies are realising the importance of snappy performance. Losses caused to businesses due to poor performance issues can be huge (including the company’s image). […]

Loadrunner Parameter Types – An Overview

Parameterization provides the ability to use different values in scripts and thus helps create data driven test scenarios. Parameterization also reduces the size of scripts. I recently attempted to search for articles and couldn’t find a consolidated  list of the main loadrunner parameters and their usage.So decided to compile a list and write this article. This […]

Selecting Performance Test Tools

Note: This article will work on the assumption that a client has no performance tools in place and urgently requires a load testing solution. Selecting the correct performance test tool is fraught with difficulties for the novice.  I’ve been into many sites where the client has had an urgent need and they aren’t sure which […]

Performance testing definitions

Performance testing is an umbrella term used for highly transactional types of tests. It is a general definition used to encapsulate Stress, Volume, Load, Soak, Spike and Failover testing to name a few.  What follows is an attempt to define, in order of priority, the generalised importance of the different types of performance tests: Test Type: Benchmark […]