Recording mobile device traffic for performance testing iPhone, iOS, Android and Windows Mobile applications with HP Loadrunner

Want to write a performance test that will replicate the traffic of an actual hardware device such as an iPad, iPhone or Android device? This article covers a useful technique to capture and replay the network traffic of real mobile devices. In my previous blog the Android SDK’s emulator has been used to run the mobile client […]

Performance By Design – an Agile Approach

I recently attended a Test Managers Forum in London and sat in on a presentation entitled ‘Performance By Design’ (TODO: Insert Credit). The presentation didn’t deliver any earth shattering content and I felt that a lot of the audience hadn’t quite grasped the concept (as I had not).  There was something there – but the […]

Web Response Times

This is the best article I’ve come across for acceptable web response times. In short, if you are an online retailer faster is better; I’ve worked in companies where they have actually slowed down the results for end users (This company has lost a lot of market share) – I’ve never ever bought into this […]

The Risks Of Testing in Scaled Performance Environments

This article will explain the risks associated with using a scaled (aka downsized) environment for Performance Testing.  Performance testing is frequently executed against a smaller sized environment than the live production. Testing against the production environment is the ideal solution but not possible due to several factors ranging from cost, practicality and risk. This article will specifically […]

Why performance can’t be guaranteed.

Its important to set an expectation after performance testing has been complete that there may be performance related issues after the system has gone live.  This can be an easy or difficult task depending on the understanding the client has.  Performance related issues are often high impact, so you can find yourself accounting to roles […]

Detailed Performance Testing process

I have previously described the high level performance testing process – here is a detailed flow of the steps required for the implementation of this. The diagram is split into idealised roles.  In practice we quite often find the performance team is very small, sometimes only one person.   In this respect the demands placed […]