Velocity 2013 Europe – A brief Retrospective

So the Velocity London 2013 conference over and seems to be fading quickly. A brief retrospective while catching the train home.  A very cool conference – full of good tech talks and something I would certainly recommend. The main power of the conference to me is the breadth of material on offer and quite a […]

The Appetite to Eat Efficiency

“Any gain in bandwidth capacity through efficiency techniques will be short lived. Increases in functionality, bad practice or abstracted inefficiency will absorb that initial saving quickly ” – me  I was flicking through the IKEA catalogue the advert (see diagram) struck a cord with me. An  LED bulb had been created which was 85% more energy efficient than […]

Performance Testing Citrix

Load Testing and Citrix I wanted to write a high level overview of why performance testing with Citrix is different from other protocol adaptors and isn’t straightforward.  This is possibly one of the least popular protocols for performance engineers to load test because its simplicity ironically makes it complex. Citrix is designed to deliver secure fat […]

Load Testing GUIs dont work Dont swap the wheel for a square.

Performance testing is complex, you can’t use just a screwdriver – you need a swiss army knife. I’ve seen yet another performance test tool that sells itself as needing ‘no scripting’ ability. A scriptless tool – ‘no coding required’.  I’ve lost count of the number of tools I see selling with these points. If you’re thinking […]