Performance By Design II

In my last article (Performance By Design- An Agile Approach) I essentially outlined a method for ensuring performance is enforced throughout a project from the onset.  ‘Performance by Design’ in this context is a misnomer. True “Performance by Design” is abstract; it’s about taking good design practices and ensuring the product is fundamentally scalable.  Performance by design […]

Recording mobile device traffic for performance testing iPhone, iOS, Android and Windows Mobile applications with HP Loadrunner

Want to write a performance test that will replicate the traffic of an actual hardware device such as an iPad, iPhone or Android device? This article covers a useful technique to capture and replay the network traffic of real mobile devices. In my previous blog the Android SDK’s emulator has been used to run the mobile client […]

Performance Testing – Overall Objective

This blog is aimed at those that wish to understand performance testing, the aim is to impart practical information, guidelines and best practices in a no-nonsense way.   After 15 years professional experience within the industry it still amazes me how many companies struggle to successfully implement a successful performance testing strategy…. Its all fairly straightforward, […]