Finally How the Strangeloop Site Optimizer works (video edition)

Anyone who works here at Strangeloop can tell you how long I’ve been gunning for a video that explains how our Site Optimizer works. Finally, here it is:

Producing this piece of animation was an enormous challenge. We needed to take a concept — front-end performance optimization — that is huge and incredibly nuanced and somehow magically translate it to a 3-minute format that could be understood by someone who knows little to nothing about the subject. At the same time, we also wanted this video vancouver payday loan companies to be interesting to industry oldtimers.

Obviously, we couldn’t include every single Site Optimizer feature (there are dozens, and each could merit a video of its own), but I think this is a pretty good start. I’m interested to hear your feedback.

(When you’re done watching this video, you may also be interested in checking out our 3-minute video explaining how our Mobile Site Optimizer works.)

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