Load Testing GUIs dont work Dont swap the wheel for a square.

Performance testing is complex, you can’t use just a screwdriver – you need a swiss army knife. I’ve seen yet another performance test tool that sells itself as needing ‘no scripting’ ability. A scriptless tool – ‘no coding required’.  I’ve lost count of the number of tools I see selling with these points. If you’re thinking […]

AJAX TruClient Protocol – Tips and tricks

Post publishing my articles the high level review on AJAX TruClient protocol of LR and incorporating basic functionalities in AJAXTruClient, I am receiving a number of messages, comments and queries via email and on LinkedIn. Most of the queries are related to implementations of basic functions in the scripts developed on TruClient. Through this article, I would resolve some of those […]

AJAX TruClient – Parameterization, Text Verification and Object Identification

Everyday I see at least one discussion or thread related to Ajax TruClient protocol. Many performance engineers across the world are starting to use this protocol to test their web apps. Most of the questions on TruClient technology are based on three primary steps of scripting – Parameterization, Text Verification and Corelation. In this article, I will walk […]