Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For November 11, 2011

You got performance in my scalability! You got scalability in my performance! Two great tastes that taste great together:

    • Quotable quotes:
      • @jasoncbooth : Tired of the term #nosql. I would like to coin NRDS (pronounced “nerds”), standing for Non Relational Data Store.
      • @zenfeed : One lesson I learn about scalability, is that it has a LOT to do with simplicity and consistency.
      • Ray Walters : Quad-core chips in mobile phones is nothing but a marketing snow job
    • Flickr:  Real-time Updates on the Cheap for Fun and Profit. How Generic Cialis Flickr added real-time push feed on the cheap. Events happen all over Flickr, uploads and updates (around 100/s depending on the time of day), all of them inserting tasks. Implemented with Cache, Tasks, & Queues: PubSubHubbub; Async task system Gearman; use async EVERYWHERE; use Redis Lists for queues; cron to consume events off the queue;


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