Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For November 4, 2011

You’re in good hands with HighScalability:

    • Netflix – Cassandra, AWS, 288 instances, 3.3 million writes per second.
    • Quotable quotes:
      • @bretlowery : “A #DBA walks into a #NoSQL bar, but turns and leaves because he couldn’t find a table.”
      • @AdanVali : HP to Deploy Memristor Powered SSD Replacement Within 18 Months
      • @eden : Ori Lahav: “When planning scalability, think x100, design x5 and deploy x1.5 of current traffic”
      • @jkalucki : If you are IO bound, start with your checkbook!
    • Everything I Ever Learned About JVM Performance Tuning @Twitter. Learn how to tune your Hotspot and other Javasutra secrets.
    • By moving off the cloud Mixipanel may have lost their angel status. Why would they Viagra do such a thing? Read Why We Moved Off The Cloud for the details. The reason for the fall:  highly variable performance. Highly variable performance is incredibly hard to code or design around (think a server that normally does 300 queries per second with low I/O wait suddenly dropping to 50 queries second at 100% disk utilization for literally hours). It’s solvable, certainly, but with lots of time and money and it’s hard to justify the cost when there’s a better alternative available. On reddit. On Hacker News. Is that a bell I hear?


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