What is the Difference between Loadrunner and Performance Center

This question has been asked many times and the simple answer is this: Performance Center is simply Loadrunner wrapped up in a web front end.  I personally think that the web front end looks extremely dated and clumsy – its in need of an update, but dispiste being superficial it does do what is required.  By wrapping up the LoadRunner components into a web front end it means the service can almost be treated as a Software As A Service.  Key advantages of this approach:

  1. Anyone within a organisation can gain access to the software – particularly useful if you are a global and distributed entity.
  2. Reduces the license costs of implementing Loadrunner within large organisations
  3. Allows global Centers of Excellence to standardise approaches and consolidate hardware
  4. The HP Performance Center software can be centrally administrated
HP Performance Center & Loadrunner Venn Diagram
The main advantage of HP Performance Center over LR mainly boils down to cost – installing Loadrunner on X performance testers PC’s will be a lot more expensive than sharing it as a resource between them through Performance Center.

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