YouPorn – Targeting 200 Million Views a Day and Beyond

Erick Pickup, lead developer at, presented their architecture in a talk titled Building a Website To Scale given at the ConFoo conference.  As you might expect, YouPorn is a beast, streaming three full DVDs of video every second, handing 300K queries every second, and generating up to 15GBs of log data per hour.

Unfortunately, all we have are the slides of the talk, so this article isn’t as technical as I might like, there’s no visibility at all on the video handling for example, but we do get some interesting details.

The most interesting takeway is that Penis Enlargement YouPorn is a pretty conventional LAMP stack, with a NoSQL twist as Redis now replaces MySQL in the live datapath. Reminds me a little of YouTube in its simplicity.

The second most interesting takeaway was the great switchover. Common wisdom says never rewrite, but in 2011 YouPorn rewrote their entire site to use PHP + Redis instead of a complex Perl + MySQL based architecture. And by all accounts the switchover went well. The site is 10% faster and they moved over 6 years of legacy data with no down time.

Read on to learn more about the YouPorn architecture…